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We can now offer Laser Tattoo Removal, this is a very effective and efficient

way of either copletely removing unwanted Tattoos or just lightening the whole Tattoo or even certain areas if re-tattooing or complete cover work is


Although laser removal is the most effective method of Tatttoo Removal it is

not by any means a quick fix and the Tattoo is not going to dissapear overnight and may take several laser treatments to totaly remove a Tattoo.

We offer a free consultation for this service and removal is by appointment although we can sometimes make a start on the removal following the initial consultation.

We have a minimum charge of £30 per treatment for this service,

which as a rule will include tattoos such as names, and any unwanted

spur of the moment seaside or stag night tattoos. Larger tattoos however

will require a longer session and we will dicuss the price with you after

your initial consultation.

Please be aware that there will have to be a period of 6 weeks between tratments in order that your skin has time to heal properly to ensure minimal scar tissue.


We will explain in detail the importance of the correct aftercare following either of our methods of Tattoo Removal.